Our group constantly works to improve and evolve, offering the market a series of products that meet the strictest quality standards. The items currently manufactured in the Azcarreta Group are:

  • Iron nails. Whether they are flat head, lost head, wide head and round head.
  • Smooth shiny wire. Ideal for manufacturing products such as electrowelded mesh, chains, gratings, trays, containers and a number of applications derived from wire shaping.
  • Annealed wire. For industrial use in presses for packaging paper, cardboard, waste, etc., as well as for fastening purposes in the construction industry.
  • B 500 T knurling. Applicable in the construction industry (precast concrete), as well as a series of general uses.
  • Triangular framework. A type of basic lattice electrowelded framework with B 500 T cold laminated steel, weldable and highly ductile.
  • Electrowelded mesh. Manufactured with B 500 T cold laminated steel.
  • Twisted wire. For multiple applications.